Date: April 27 and 28, 2019
Location: West Niagara Agricultural Centre

Halter Show AND Walking Fleece Show
Expanded Seminars
Saturday Night Social Banquet



Jill (MacLeod) Marcellus - Halter Judge

Judge for: 2019  Spring Show

Jill (MacLeod) Marcellus lives in Alberta, Canada where she has been involved in the alpaca industry since 1991, with the start of her breeding operation, Aztec Alpacas. Jill has served as a past director of the Canadian Alpaca Association, chairman of the Canadian fibre cooperative as well as fulfilling duties on numerous association committees.

As a certified Camelid Fibre Classer, she spent a number of years assisting the Canadian fibre cooperative in developing it's quality control systems and product development. Jill has had a lifelong interest in textiles, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Textiles in 1987 from the University of Alberta. Her affiliation with the Quechua Benefit – a charitable organization focused on assisting the people of the Peruvian highlands - has been an enjoyable part of her years in the alpaca industry while serving as an advisor to the BOD and mission volunteer. She spends much of her time traveling as an alpaca halter and fleece Judge, holding international training credentials and is a Senior Judge and Judge Trainer for the AOA. Jill has been fortunate to judge across North America as well as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and France.

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